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Share your birthing advice for the first time mom.

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    Don’t stress about it, just go with the flow; listen to the doctors, ask questions but don’t stress. I look back when I gave birth and I was stressed beforehand just thinking about it, but when the time came I was the calmest I could have been and just went with the flow and didn’t stress as I knew that my body knew what to do!


    Don’t forget to eat before you get your epidural (if you’re having one) and enjoy the jello and popsicles once you have it. Forgot to do both and was starving and feeling awful as I needed so much energy to push the baby out. Also, you will be exhausted after the birth, but make sure you get your skin to skin tone and don’t let any nurses push you around. Ask for help and assert yourself if needed. I was trusting and going with the flow, trusting nurses and some nurses were pushy and after I almost fainted, moved me almost instantly to different room. Couldn’t recover or gain my balance. I was so out of it and wished I could have pushed back for my health and the baby’s.

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