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Squirrelly Mumma

So with my second child I was put on hospitalized bed rest at 28 weeks for 3 and a half weeks before she came 8 weeks 5 days early via emergency C Section.

Believe me Mumma I was scared, after labouring for 16 hours the dr came in and said that the baby was breach and she wasn’t moving and they were going to have to prep me for an emergency C section as quickly as possible. As they wheeled me into the OR my husband got scrubbed in, I was given a spinal to freeze my before he even got into the room, the sounds were very overwhelming as the whole procedure happened but having my hubby beside my head was about as comforting as the situation could get.

As for recovery it was 100 times worse than the recovery of my natural birth 15 months earlier, I didn’t realize the small things would hurt so much like sneezing or coughing, this was an entirely new pain. I am now 3 months post surgery and am still having small discomfort doing certain actions or sensitivity to touches in certain places.

The things I would recommend to either bring with you to the hospital or have prepared at home for post surgery would be;
Hospital bag:
– high waisted underwear!!!
– high waisted oversized pants or maternity pants!!!
– a pillow to tuck between you and the seatbelt lap band for your drive home
– a bottle of Tylenol or Advil
– a large water bottle (the less you have to move the better)

Prepare at home:
-STOOL SOFTENERS (I don’t care if you don’t think you’ll need it, get them incase that first bowel movement is WAY worse after a C section than after a vaginal birth)
– a bed on main floor (stairs are killer the first few days)
– pads, pads, and more pads, your will still bleed for a few weeks after your surgery
– someone to drive you to appointment as you won’t be driving for atleast a week
– meals or snack that are less than 5 mins of work to prepare, frozen dinners and microwave food will be your best friend